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The National Park Service and Friends of Civil War Alcatraz are delighted to be hosting the Civil War Living History Day on Alcatraz Island. The event will take place on OCTOBER 1, 2011. We will have coffee, doughnuts, etc. on the island in the morning and LUNCH WILL BE PROVIDED. If you attended the Living History Days last year, there have been some additions, deletions and changes, so please review this document carefully.

Impressions and Scenarios and Schedule for the Day may be found on the Friends of Civil War Alcatraz (FOCWA) web site: www.friendsofcivilwaralcatraz.org. This is important information and hopefully will assist you with your impression and planning.

The purpose of the Alcatraz Living History Day is to enhance the experience of visitors to the National Park. It is hoped that the living history program will augment the visitor’s understanding and awareness of the many layers of history present on the island. The story of the Post on Alcatraces Island, as it was officially known, is largely untold. As a participant in the Living History Day, you will be tasked with the telling of this story from a very human perspective. The National Park Service is gearing up for the sesquicentennial of the American Civil War. In keeping with these programs, we are beginning to gear up living history on the island. Military impressions must be that of a unit stationed on the island during the War Between the States. Other impressions must be connected to the island. See IMPRESSIONS AND SCENARIOS on the FOCWA web site for more information (http://www.friendsofcivilwaralzatraz.org/).

We will once again offer participants a guided tour of the Citadel (Defensive Barracks). Expect to interact with 4,000 visitors on OCTOBER 1, 2011.

Break Room

We will be utilizing the Staff Break Room located near the Dock.


PARKING WILL ONCE AGAIN BE AVAILABLE AT FT. MASON. Participants will be able to utilize the NPS shuttle. Priority will be given to individuals with weapons on the first shuttle(s). Note: PARKING AT FT. MASON IS AT A DIFFERENT LOCATION! Please see the PARKING MAP below.

OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION Boarding the Ferry Alcatraz Cruises (ferry) runs on a very tight schedule. Because of this, every participant must be able to carry what they are bringing to the island onto the ferry in ONE LOAD. If you have a lot of stuff, please bring a cart, or like device to move your items.

Weapons Inspection Weapons inspection will take place on the Alcatraz Cruises Dock AT 8:15AM. Your weapon will NOT be allowed on the island if the 8:15AM inspection is missed. Per law enforcement, there will be NO EXCEPTIONS. NO POWDER, NO CAPS.

Simplified Registration



OCTOBER on Alcatraz can be relatively warm and sunny, cold and windy, overcast or foggy. All of the above in a single day is common. Layers work best. Bring authentic or concealable modern long underwear. A greatcoat and gloves are also recommended. If you have a rain proof (poncho), bring it along as well. A canteen is also a very good idea, because the location of your presentation might be 150 yards or more from a water source. It’s one of those, “If you don’t bring it, you’ll likely need it” things. RAIN: Rain is not particularly likely in May, but it’s always a possibility. In the event of rain, the Theater located inside the Civil War era Bombproof Barracks, will be made available for two or three presentations to take place. We developed several other rain sites earlier this year as well, but ultimately, IF we receive some showers, it will require some punting on the part of participants.


Friends and Family not participating in the living history day must obtain a ticket from Alcatraz Cruises (see WEBSITES on page 4, below). Tickets should be purchased well in advance.


PARKING AT FT. MASON Participants who plan to utilize the NPS Shuttle may park in the lower (“Bldg. 101”) parking lot. Shuttle pick-up will be in front of Park Headquarters (Bldg. 201). FOCWA volunteers will be at the lower (“Bldg. 101”) parking lot to issue Parking Passes. PARKING PASSES ARE A MUST. A parking citation will cost you $75.00.

PARKING NEAR THE ALCATRAZ CRUISES DOCK 1) Parking in the vicinity of the Alcatraz Cruises Dock costs 13-15 dollars for the day). 2) DO NOT utilize a parking space with a PARKING METER. They are only good for two hours. 3) As a general thing, the farther you park from Fisherman’s Warf the lower the price. 4) If you have a bunch of stuff to unload and transport to the island, such as cooking gear, contact Event Coordinator, John Nevins well ahead of time to make arrangements.

The RED DOTS on the Map, above, indicate the location for parking lots and garages near the Alcatraz Cruises Dock.

Directions to the Alcatraz Cruises Dock (Hornblower, Pier 33) Driving from the South To reach Hornblower Alcatraz Landing from the south, take Highway 101 North and follow the signs towards the Bay Bridge. Take the 4th Street exit, then turn left onto Bryant Street. Follow Bryant St. to The Embarcadero. Turn left onto The Embarcadero and continue north approximately 1.7 miles to the Hornblower Alcatraz Landing at Pier 33.

Driving from the North To reach Hornblower Alcatraz Landing from the north, take Highway 101 South across the Golden Gate Bridge. Take the Marina exit onto Marina Blvd. Follow Marina Blvd. to Bay Street. Turn left onto Bay Street and stay on Bay all the way to The Embarcadero. Hornblower Alcatraz Landing at Pier 33 is located at the intersection of Bay Street and The Embarcadero.

Driving from the East To reach Hornblower Alcatraz Landing from the east, cross the Bay Bridge into San Francisco. Take the Fremont Street exit, and turn left onto Fremont. Follow Fremont St. to Howard, and then turn right on Howard Street. Follow Howard to The Embarcadero. Turn left onto the Embarcadero and continue north approximately 1.7 miles to the Hornblower Alcatraz Landing at Pier 33.

THINGS TO KNOW – IMPORTANT! No Parking on the Alcatraz Cruises Dock

There is very limited parking on the dock. All of the spaces are allocated by the National Park Service. Those participants with large loads may be given a parking space on the dock. Please don’t count on it. Any participant who needs one of these spaces must receive approval well in advance. How well in advance? If you’re reading this, now is the time to call the event coordinator. You may drop off people and/or equipment at the dock before parking elsewhere.

Boarding the Ferry

Maritime Law now requires that everyone boarding the ferry present a valid I.D. (California Drivers License, etc.)

Weapons Inspection

Prior to boarding the ferry, weapons, cartridge boxes, cap pouches, etc. will be inspected by a NPS Law Enforcement Ranger and FOCWA safety officer, pursuant to Maritime Law. If you are bringing a weapon (including swords), you must be on the Alcatraz Cruises Dock available for inspection not later than 8:15AM on the morning of the event. Per law enforcement, there will be NO EXCEPTIONS made for late arrivals. OTHER INSPECTIONS Please arrive at the Alcatraz Cruises Dock NOT LATER THAN 8:30AM. Maritime Law (post 9-11) also requires inspection of other items such as boxes being taken on board the Alcatraz Ferry.

NPS Volunteers

You will be asked to officially sign on as National Park Service Volunteers. No commitment other than this day on the island is implied. As a NPS Volunteer, there is no charge for transport to or from Alcatraz Island.


John Nevins, Event Coordinator, FOCWA: 916-599-6642 Brad Schall, Co-chairman, FOCWA: 510-867-5106 National Park Service, Alcatraz: 415-561-4900 (after 9:00AM) Alcatraz Cruises: 415-981-7625


                      Arrive Early

                      Register Early for the event. If something happens and you can’t make it, please let us know ASAP in case there are people on the waiting list.



Friends of Civil War Alcatraz: www.friendsofcivilwaralcatraz.org National Park Service, Alcatraz: www.nps.gov/alcatraz Fortress Alcatraz: www.fortressalcatraz.com This is John Martini’s web site. John is the historical consultant for Friends of Civil War Alcatraz. He was the National Park Service Historian for the island for many years and has written two books on the military history of the island. California Military Museum: www.militarymuseum.org Good histories about the units stationed on Alcatraz as well as some information on the island itself. Alcatraz Cruises (Hornblower Ferry): http://www.alcatrazcruises.com Purchase tickets to Alcatraz


We have made registration easier. Notify John Nevins (Event Coordinator), or Brad Schall (Co-Chair) that you will be participating by email or telephone (CONTACT INFORMATION is below) Be sure to include:

                      Your Name

                      Best Telephone Number to Contact You

                      Email Address

                      Name of Emergency Contact

                      Best Telephone Number for Emergency Contact

                      The Impression you plan on Portraying



A Parent or Legal Guardian MUST accompany a minor participating in the Spring Living History Day Parent and Minor MUST COMPLETE and SIGN a REGISTRATION FORM and MAIL IT TO THE ADDRESS BELOW. REGISTRATION FORM MUST BE RECEIVED PRIOR TO THE EVENT. MAILING ADDRESS FOCWA 6009 Canvasback Lane Citrus Heights CA 95621



John Nevins, Event Coordinator, FOCWA Email: scss1co@comcast.net Telephone (best): 916-560-8505 Alternate Telephone: 916-599-6642 Brad Schall, Co-chairman, FOCWA Email: dschall@starstream.net Home: 916-408-4482 Cell: 510-867-5106


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