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Alcatraz was dedicated as a National Park in 1972 because of its military history as a Civil War fort and later as a military prison.

The Friends of Civil War Alcatraz was founded in 2002 as a non-profit organization to support the National Park Service in interpreting the 70 year military history of Alcatraz.

To date we have: maintained the existing cannon and carriage; performed cannon drills for the public; provided volunteers to interpret the Civil War history of the island; organized Living History events on the island; raised funds to donate to the Park Service for uniforms and items for interpretation; given presentations to the island�s interpretive staff about the island�s military history.

Our volunteers meet people from all over the world who are interested in knowing the early and formative years of the Island�s history.


  Current Board of Directors  
Co-Chairmen Fred Bohmfalk and Brad Schall


Constance Smith
Treasurer Greg Tracy
Historian Bob Hubbs
Financial Jim Lundsten
Membership Chuck Gardali
Projects Phil Blake
Counselor John Fitzpatrick
Activities/Events Coordinator John Nevins
Activities Frank Avila
Newsletter Steve Johnson
Interpreter Activities John Gee
Historical Consultant John Martini
Ranger Advisor John Cantwell
Awards Gary Hormel
Elected Officers  
Fred Bohmfalk Co-Chairman
Brad Schall Co-Chairman
Constance Smith Secretary
Greg Tracy Treasurer
Past Board of Directors  
Bob Quinn Deceased
Susan Cohn Retired
Jack Leathers Deceased
Gary Yee Retired
Donald VanAuker Retired
Jayeson Vance Retired
Alan Page Retired
Chaplain Steve Bogart
Activities Committee Co-Chairmen Brad Schall and Steve Johnson
Facebook Jeff Vaillant
Memorial Day Steve Johnson
Newsletter Steve Johnson
Living History John Nevins
Website Brad Schall
  Steve Bogart, Jeff Vaillant, Steve Johnson, Constance Smith
Administrative Committee Chairman Brad Schall
  Constance Smith, Greg Tracy, Steve Johnson, Steve Bogart, Jeffrey Vaillant
Awards Committee Chairman Gary Hormel
  Fred Bohmfalk, Greg Tracy, Phil Blake, Constance Smith, Steve Johnson
By-laws Committee Chairman Jeffrey Vaillant
  John Fitzpatrick, Fred Bohmfalk
Financial Committee Co-Chairmen Brad Schall and Greg Tracy
Audit Committee Jim Lundsten, John Fitzpatrick, Owen Stiles and Don Wilt
  Brad Schall or Greg Tracy can�t serve on the audit committee because they are officers
History Committee Chairman Bob Hubbs
Interpreter Activities Co-Chairmen Steve Johnson and Constance Smith
  Gary Hormel, Walter Page, Steve Bogart, Brad Schall, Greg Tracy and Jim Lundsten
Living History Day Committee Chairman John Nevins
  Steve Johnson, Constance Smith, Frank Avila, Charles Kenyon, Brad Schall and Jeff Vaillant
Membership Chairman Greg Tracy
  Chuck Gardali
Speakers Bureau Committee Chairman Steve Johnson
  Brad Schall, Constance Smith


 FOCWA sponsors two Living History Days every year on Alcatraz Island


Patriotic Organizations

General Alfred Pleasonton SUVCW Camp #24

General George Wright SUVCW Camp #22

Company B, 8th California Voluntary Infantry, SVR


Round Tables

Peninsula Civil War Round Table

San Francisco Civil War Round Table

San Joaquin Civil War Round Table


Photo by Sharyle Kuhlemeier Leidy



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