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Saturday, October 1, 2011: Civil War Day on Alcatraz:  Re-enactors will be coming to Alcatraz for a day of Civil War history. Drills, displays, and special tours will be offered. 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

De-Briefing Report by Jayeson Vance
150th Anniversary of the Post at Alcatraz Island
December 30. 2009

Where: Alcatraz Island Dock
When: Wednesday December 30, 2009 0900 -1300 hrs
Who: U.S. Army Personnel:  Elements of the 63rd RSC Command

Group, 1SG Barlow 191st Army Band “Band of the Wild West,” Eldon P. Regua, Major General, Commanding General 75th Battle Command Training Division, Armed Forces Reserve Center Houston Texas. Brigade Command Sergeant Major Roy A. Wells 91st “Wild West” Training Brigade Fort Hunter Liggett, California. Thomas Christianson CIV 63rd RSC Historian.  MSG Stanley Kamiya acted as point of contact for the Army and coordinated their end of the event.

National Park Service Personnel:  Craig Kenkle Acting Deputy Superintendent, Golden Gate NRA, Amy Brees Supervisory Park Ranger. Jayeson Vance, Owen Simcoe, David MacDonald, Lori Brosnan, Craig Glassner, Volunteers in Parks: Bob Hubbs, Brad Schall, Sean Dempsey, John A. Martini, John Nevins, Friends of Civil War Alcatraz members.  Jayeson Vance acted as point of contact for the National Park Service and was overall event coordinator.

What: Twenty-one gun rifle salute in 3 volleys with M-16s, Color Guard with replica original 3rd Artillery Regimental flag included. Bagpiper played “Garry Owen,” bugler “Ruffles and Flourishes”, National Anthem and remarks by Major General Regua and Deputy Superintendent Kenkle, followed by “Taps.”

There followed a special behind the scenes program lead by John A. Martini and an additional program by Ranger Vance.

In December of 1859, the first Post Return was written for the “Post on Alcatraz Island.”  One hundred and fifty years later, the original garrison was officially and formally remembered on Wednesday December 30, 2009.



Reenactment organizations from around California gather for a day of living history on Alcatraz Island, August 28, 2010. Thank you to Pacifica Currents for the video, filmed and edited by Eric Mayrand.



Friends of Civil War Alcatraz to restore Citadel model that was vandalized.  Friends of Civil War Alcatraz, under the direction of new Board member Gary Lee, will have the Model restored and then securely sealed to prevent future vandalism.  This model is a visual aid that has been placed next to the Citadel entrance.



From the San Mateo Daily Journal
January 18, 2010
Susan E. Cohn

Union soldiers clad in blue moved out of the fog to stand by their modern day counterparts at Dec. 30 ceremonies commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the first U.S. Army garrison on Alcatraz Island.

Honoring those who have served and defended the San Francisco Bay Area were members of the 75th Battle Command Training Division. Army Maj. Gen. Eldon P. Regua, commander of the 75th Division, addressed those in attendance, including hundreds of public visitors on the Island, sharing with them stories of the rich heritage of this famous outpost.

Soldiers involved in the ceremonies were from various U.S. Army Reserve units in the 63rd RRC. The Color Guard was from the 2nd Medical Brigade from San Pablo. The Firing Detail consisted of six Soldiers from the 5th Brigade, 75th Division (BCTD), from Camp Parks. One soldier was from the 91st Training Brigade out of Fort Hunter Liggett and one other from the 2nd Medical Brigade. A bagpiper and a bugler were from the 63rd Reserve Support Command. Those in Union blue were members of the Friends of Civil War Alcatraz.



Subject: 150th Anniversary of Military on Alcatraz Island

On December 30, 2009 there will be a military ceremony honoring the 150th Anniversary of the first garrison on Alcatraz Island by the U. S. Army. The first garrison on Alcatraz Island was during the December month of 1859. To honor those who served and defended the San Francisco Bay area,  members of the 75th Division (Battle Command Training Division) will be present on Alcatraz Island. Major General Eldon P. Regua, commander of the 75th Division, will address those in attendance. Those public visitors on the Island will be greeted by those Military Personnel present and members of the Golden Gate National Park Service. It is with pride that Rangers, staff, and volunteers have assisted in the organization and presentation of this special event.

Please consider being one of the visitors to enjoy this ceremony. Thank you.

Robert R. Hubbs
Alcatraz Island Volunteer
Friends of Civil War Alcatraz


For Fort Alcatraz 150th Anniversary Photos, click here



Friends of Civil War Alcatraz provide the Rangers at Alcatraz Island National Historic Landmark with Cannoneer certificates to be awarded to young people who act as the cannon crew.  Young people get to experience how a Civil War soldier might have fired the 24# Howitzer that’s located in the Guardhouse.  This is another example how the Friends of Civil War Alcatraz has partnered with the NPS in interpreting the American Civil War on Alcatraz Island.  To view the certificate, click here.